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    Lions Denmark Youth Camp and Exchange 2018   

On behalf of the Lions of MD106 Denmark it is a great pleasure for me to introduce you to the Danish Lions Youth Camps & Exchange programme 2018.

In the summer of 2018 the YCE Programme consists of 3 regular Youth Exchange camps where all of the camps will be combined with one to two weeks family hosting.

Each of the camps will expose different parts of the Kingdom of Denmark with its history, fairy tales, nature, energy and above all – friendship and the Danish cosiness.

For all the campers taken part of Camp A, Camp B and Camp C, we will offer:

YCE-Students from Europe, North Africa and Middle East are offered a 3 weeks stay (1 week in home stay and 2 weeks in camp).

YCE-Students from other continents are offered up to 4 weeks stay (2 weeks in home stay and 2 weeks in camp) through an individual negotiation with the Multiple District Youth Camp & Exchange Co-Director, Mr. Karsten Theil,

I hope that you will accept our invitation and take part in the Danish Youth Camp & Exchange programme by sending mature, open-minded young people, who will enjoy and benefit from the idea in one of the most important objectives in Lions Club International:

“To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world”.

We are looking forward to receiving Youth Exchange Students from your country, who have not taken part of the Youth Exchange before, into the Danish Youth Exchange program.

Yours in Lionism

Susanne Hjort Pedersen

MD YCEC 106 Denmark

At the following pages you will find much more information about the "Youth Camps and Exchange programme" in Denmark.

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 Overview of the 3 Youth Camps in Denmark for the summer 2018

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 Read the 2016 YCE magazine at the following link

Lions Denmark YCE magazin 2016



Last updated : October 2017/ YCED Susanne Hjort Pedersen

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